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Ballard Cheese Brand Page

This page includes all of the elements of the Ballard Brand including logos, fonts, and colors. If you have any questions about using Ballard Brand elements, please contact the Ballards at or 208-308-4611. 

Ballard Cheese Logos

Ballard Cheese Fonts 
Note - All fonts & colors can be found in Ballard site settings 

  • Body Text - Chivo Regular - Base Size Small
  • Headings - Fjalla One Regular - Base Size Small
  • Header Navigation - Chivo Regular - Base Size Medium
  • Buttons & Labels - Chivo Bold - Bold - Base Size Medium

General Font Colors

  • #1A0326
  • #1A0326
  • Alternate text #576B4B
  • Brand #CEBE84
  • Accent #F7F1DA
  • Button and label text #45270B
  • Background #FEFBE8
Product grid
  • #E9D89A
  • Product background color #452200 - Visible on hover and when product images have transparent background.
Sidebar Drawers
  • #F2E3AA
  • Text color - Dark





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