Ballard Cheese Award Winning
Idaho Pepper Cheddar
An excellent combination of jalapenos peppers that give the cheddar cheese
a fiery taste
It Starts With the Milk

The milk used to make Ballard's Cheese comes
from our own Jersey cows which provides a rich
and delicious finished product. Because of the
higher than standard butterfat content milk these
cows produce, the flavor profile is full, yet very
delicate.  This creates a creamy, yet fantastic  
Jersey cows
Idaho Danish Cheese
Idaho Cheese Award Winning Cheese American Cheese Society
Idaho white Cheddar Award Winning American Cheese Society
Idaho Grillin' Cheese
- Halloumi Style-
Award Winning
We use a Halloumi recipe and use 100% Jersey Cow milk we call it Idaho Grilling cheese. Halloumi Cheese
has been made on the island Cyprus, an island claimed by both Turkey and Greece in the eastern
Mediterannean, for hundreds of years. The name Halloumi is derived from the Greek word almi meaning
brine. This refers to the brine, or salt water solution that is used to preserve the Halloumi Cheese.
Halloumi has a salty, tangy flavor and a springy texture, similar to Mozzarella. Due to its high melting point,
Halloumi may be as a grilling cheese as it browns without melting. Grilled Halloumi is an excellent appetizer
or addition to any main course. Halloumi Cheese is also delicious eaten fresh in salads or sandwiches or with
fresh fruit. It is often paired with watermelon in its native Cyprus.. Since the 1990s, the US has recognized
Halloumi as a name protected cheese from the island of Cyprus
We use a Halloumi recipe and use 100% Jersey Cow milk we call it Idaho Grilling Cheese
Ballard's Idaho Danish Pearl
Gouda Style
Idaho Danish Pearl is an incredible tasting experience; this cheese offers a smooth and velvety
you will taste delectable Gouda
Idaho Danish Pearl offers a favorable experience whether you are craving sweet or savory
This cheese is delicious with fruits like apples, pairs, or berries or try it in your favorite cheese sauce.
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New Award Winning  Idaho Jersey Dream
( cow milk Feta style cheese )
Feta is salted and cured in a brine solution  for several months.  Feta cheese is white, usually formed into square cakes,
and can range from soft to semi-hard, with a tangy, salty flavor that can range from mild to sharp. The cured cheese easily
1/2 lbs.Idaho Jersey Dream ( Feta style)
1/2 lbs.Holy Cow Baby Swiss
New Award Winning
Holy Cow Baby Swiss
Baby Swiss, as opposed to traditional Swiss, is that it is aged only for 2 or 3 months  
whereas old fashion Swiss is typically aged for several months, time varying depending
on the desired sharpness of the cheese.
1st Place Award Winning Truffle cheddar
1/2 lbs. Truffle Cheddar

Ballard Cheese llc partners with NASFT SOFI Gold Winner Casina Rossa Truffle & Salt A Ritrovo Selection
to make this artisan Truffle & Salt Cheddar. They havecombined Italian black truffle of Casina Rossa
Truffle& Salt with their naturally aged Idaho cheddar to make the perfect wine-tasting or grating cheese.
Idaho grilling cheese , Halloumi style , grilled cheese
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1/2 pound block Idaho Grilling
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Truffle , Ritrovo truffle salt Cheddar
5# block Idaho Grilling Cheese
5# Block Truffle Salt Cheddar
5# Block Idaho White Cheddar
Idaho White Cheddar
Naturally aged, our Idaho White has developed a full, rich flavor and creamy taste.  A versatile
cheese, it can be served simply with crackers, as the star ingredient in your cheese soufflé or
savored with fruit and nuts for dessert.  Serve with Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Syrah or a
medium-bodied Merlot.
1/2 lbs. Danish Pearl Cheddar Cheese
5# Block Idaho Danish Pearl Gouda
1/2 lbs.Pepper Cheddar
5 lbs. Block Pepper Cheddar
5# Holy Cow Swiss
The Only thing Better than Cheese is more Cheese !!!!!
Ballard Cheese !
4.8 # Feta Jersey Dream
1/2 lbs. Idaho White Cheddar Cheese
Grand Champion
Award Winning
1/2 pound Huckleberry Cheddar
Black Pepper Cheddar 1/2 lbs.