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Cheese making at Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese Idaho
Idaho Hand maked cheese making , Cheddar, Danish , Greek & Cheese curds
Making cheese in Idaho Small family Farm Fresh cheese Curds , Greek, cheddar and Danish
Farmstead cheese made the by hand Quality cheese Idaho
Draining the whey, by hand  Ballard Cheese Idaho
Cheddaring the cheese by hand Ballard Cheese Idaho
Idaho cheese made by hand the old-fashioned way
Idaho Cheese Curds
Idaho cheese curds
Idaho Cheese
Using a Harp to cut the
coagulated milk into Curds and

When it is to the right consistency, we will
cut the coagulated milk into quarter-inch
cubes with wire knives that we call a
Harp. This is when the curds separate
out from the watery whey.

We start by pumping the milk from our bulk
tank, which is where the milk is kept at 38
degrees. The milk is pumped into the
Pasteurizing vat to be pasteurized. Then it
is pumped into the cheese making vat. We
begin to stir the milk and adding the cheese
culture.  We keep a close eye on the ph
Then the Rennet (an enzyme) is added,
which thickens or coagulates the milk. We
stop stirring and let the milk sit until it turns
to a custard-like consistency within about
30 minutes
Stirring and Cooking the

After the coagulated milk has been
cut the curd is floating in the whey.

We start to stir and slowly cook the
curd and whey. Checking the ph /
TA  level frequently, so we know
what the curds are doing.
Draining The Whey

After it is cooked about an hour, we
drain the whey off the curds.
We drain the whey to a bulk tank,
so we can feed it to the cows.
The curds are gently raked so they
settle into two semi-firm sides. This
goes down
the middle and out the drain.

The curd is cut into loaves and then
cut in half again. The loaves are
stacked and re-stacked. This
Process is called  Cheddaring. You
watch the ph / TA level very closely
to see when it is ready to mill. This
is what makes Cheddar cheese
Milling the curds

When the Ph level is just right then
we can mill the slabs into milled
curds. They are then stirred and
Stirring The Curds

The salt stops further acid
development, and also provide an
element of flavor and help preserve
the final cheese. Salting provokes a
further small rush of whey.  The
curds can be package and sold

Ballard's Idaho Cheddar
and Cheese Curds

The other option is that we can put the curd into a form that
is called a “hoop."  The curds are then pressed overnight
in a hydraulic press. This removes the last of the whey and
forms a solid 20 pound round of cheddar cheese. In the
morning the curds are packaged and shipped out to the
stores.  The curds are then vacuum packed and sealed for
Idaho Cheese