About Us
We started our small dairy 1995 with just a few Jersey calves and the belief that
loving, personal care and a healthy diet would result in both a superior quality milk and
contented cows.

Since then, our registered Jersey herd has grown and thrived on our family-run farm in
Gooding, Idaho, producing award-winning milk that is distinctive and rich in taste.

Believing that “America Loves Cheese” more than ever, we decided to turn our love
for Jersey cows into an artisan product in 2004 that  we could share with you —
handmade specialty cheese.
The only thing Better than Cheese is More Cheese
Ballard Cheese

After extensive research, consulting and taking cheesemaking classes, we designed
and built a dedicated cheese facility on our farm in 2003, and our first batch of cheddar
cheese was created in the spring of 2004. You can now find our products in many of
your favorite stores and farmer’s markets in Magic and Treasure Valley.

We hope you will enjoy our cheese —  handmade from the milk of our Jerseys!

Made Possible by the Grace of God!!

Thank You to our Friends and Family
for Making this all possible.

Contact Us
Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese
1764 South 2100 East
Gooding Id. 83330
cell 208-420-1576